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Browngirl Designs

Browngirllettering started as “WhyThankU”, an at-home handlettering business for friends and family with homemade craft needs. As people began to express more of an interest in handcrafted goods, BGL was born. From custom prints to wedding invites/programs to mugs and wine glasses, all of our products are made right here in Memphis- inspired by the resilient grit and soulful backbone of the city. 


Browngirl Services

Browngirllettering offers custom designs for all your creative needs. These include print material, clothing, mugs, and more. Visit our online store or contact for specific inquiries.


Browngirl Vision

Genesis 1:27 declares that God made us in His image, meaning with a purpose. In that, it was not a mistake that my skin is the color it is. Therefore, I am charged with making with purpose AS a brown skinned person. Black, if you will.

We want people to experience creativity that isn’t being used solely for personal gain, exploited or half-baked. A creativity that comes from seeking and living intentionally. A creativity that inspires others to make with a purpose. Does that mean being an angry black woman sometimes? Yup. How about wearing bonnets to bed? Best believe. But for now, this is where the roads cross. Made with purpose, make with purpose. 🦸🏽‍♀️

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